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Oki Islands / Nishinoshima Town


Matengai Cliff

At  257m this cliff boasts stunning views of the sea and the Oki Island coastline.

Kuniga Shore 
This coastline is one of the more famous sights of Oki, and can be explored on land

or from the sea.

The “Bridge to Heaven” is best viewed from the rocky shore.

Onimai Lookout

Sunflowers cover this lookout from June – September. Views of Nishinoshima are amazing from here.

Akao Lookout

Visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the Kuniga coastline and stunning sunsets from here. Horses and cows graze peacefully in the surrounding farmland.

Hiking Course
6km course along the Kuniga Coastline, starting and ending at either Matengai or Kuniga Coast. This course is listed in the Top 100 walking courses in Japan.

Yurahime Shrine 

This historic shrine is home to the god of fishing and the sea guardian. During spring the cherry blossoms are beautiful. Every winter many squid come into the harbor “Ikayosenohama” (Squid Calling Harbor) adjacent to the shrine.

Takuhi Shrine 

This historic shrine is located in a cave at the top of Mt. Takuhi. Enjoy a short hike through the forest to the shrine. Spectacular views of the island can be seen from here.

Takuhi Kiln
Kato-san and his wife run this pottery school and café. Lessons are available. Takuhi Pottery is for sale here.

Nishinoshima Museum

(Admission: 300yen)
Here you can learn about the history and culture of Nishinoshima.

Funabiki Canal
This canal was built in 1915, allowing boats to travel from the inner harbor to the ocean.

Information kindly provided by the Nishinoshima Tourist Association.

If you have any questions about sightseeing in Nishinoshima, please contact the Nishinoshima Tourism Association

08514-7-8888 or


If you have any questions about sightseeing in Ama, please contact the Ama Tourism Association 08514-2-0101.



This is just plain awesome. Wow. Nature at it’s best. Being that this is an island, is it advisable to go here on spring?

from Anonymous (2011/08/23 5:40 PM)

Yes, spring would be a good time to visit we think! Summer and autumn are nice too.

from admin (2011/08/30 5:55 PM)


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