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Warrior Parade

Matsue Warrior Parade (Matsue Musha Gyoretsu 「松江武者行列」) is an annual reenactment of Lord Horio Yoshiharu’s ceremonious entrance to Matsue Castle following its completion in 1611. Horio’s entourage includes nobility, samurai, cavalry, archers, foot soldiers, and taiko and flute players among others! (approx. 220 participants)

Event schedule 2014

◇Date: Saturday 5th April 2014

◇Time: 12:30 – 15:00

◇Location(route): Tenjin Rotary to Matsue Castle  ※Location will change to Shimane Civic Centre in the case of rain

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Participants Roles:
Horio Yoshiharu (堀尾 吉晴 1542 – July 26, 1611) was a Japanese daimyo during the Azuchi-Momoyama and Edo periods. He was appointed to the position of one of three chūrō (arbiters) by Toyotomi Hideyoshi and was the first leader of the Matsue clan. For more info see here.

※Wife of Lord Horio -Ogata-dono (大方殿) Legal wife to Horio Yoshiharu

※Daughter of Lord Horio -Hime (姫) Horio is said to have 6 daughters.

※Lady Attendant -Jijo (侍女) This is the highest level of employment for a female. The service of a refined  relative of a samurai as a lady attendant was to teach etiquette and good manners by example.

※Child warriors -Kodomo Musha (子供武者) A boy would not have taken his place among the warriors prior to reaching adulthood, however, children are included in this parade for their colourful costumes and liveliness!

※Spear Infantry – Yaritai (槍隊) Usually  to the fore during battle, Yari (槍) is the term for one of the traditionally made Japanese blades (nihonto) in the form of a spear, or more specifically, the straight-headed spear. The martial art of wielding the yari is called sōjutsu.

※Cavalry Troops -Kiba Musha (騎馬武者)


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