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Daikon-shima and Yuushien Garden

Daikon-shima is an island in the Naka-umi Lagoon in eastern Matsue. It was formed 120,000 – 300,000 years ago from volcanic ash.

The quality of the soil makes the island the perfect place for growing Korean ginseng and peonies, and their cultivation, which started on the island in the Edo period,  has grown into the island’s main industry. Today, the island annually exports over 600,000 bulbs of 300 different kinds of peony to Europe and the USA. The Daikon-shima peony is also a common sight in Shimane as it is the designated floral symbol of the prefecture.

The island is home to the stunning Japanese garden Yuushien. You can see the peonies in full bloom in the garden from the end of April to early May, and the winter peonies from late October to late January.

Yuushien covers an area of 33,000 sq.m and has a peony house, a waterfall and a white sand and green pine garden amd a number of restaurants from which you can enjoy the seasonal colours.

There are times in the year when the gardens stay open after dark and are all illuminated, however, you should call in advance to check the dates and times as they are subject to change.

Opening times : 8:30 – 5:30 (Or 9:00pm when the illumiations are on.) Open all year round.

Phone : 0852-76-2255 Fax : 0852-76-2508
Getting there : By bus: Take the  bus bound for Yatsuka Town from  bus stop No. 6  at JR Matsue Station. Get off at
‘Yatsuka Chuo’stop.

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