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HeatherNavigatorTranslation office owner/Japanese – English translator
Originally from the UK. (St. Helens)
Length of time in Shimane: 11 years
Wherever you go in Shimane, you find yourself surrounded by the most spectacular landscapes of untouched beauty, and immersed in a traditional culture that still lingers on in the tranquil villages and towns, reflecting the Japan of old.
If you want to experience traditional Japan, I couldn’t recommend a better place!
StephenNavigatorEnglish school owner/teacher
Originally from Australia (Sydney)
Length of time in Shimane: 16 years
Shimane is an amazing place full of traditions, legends and history.
I am particulary fond of the many temples and shrines that are dotted around the prefecture, and the stunning mountain and coastal scenery. I hope you enjoy this site and have fun discovering the charms of Shimane!
KenDirectorShimane is very magical and interesting land.
There are a lot of amazing spots and unbelievable stories.
I hope you enjoy your stay in Shimane!
Jiner Templer Photographer
A freelance photographer based in and working primarily in western Japan. www.facebook.com/JinjerTemplerPhotography
Welcome to the country of the Kami !!
There are a lot of mysterious things and mystical sights in Shimane.
You will be able to find a Japan that you never knew existed.
TeppeiSite designer & cameramanShimane has so much to offer that can’t be seen just through a website. I hope you come to Shimane and discover its charms for yourself!