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Toko-ji Temple

Toko-ji Temple in Yasugi was established in 1486 by Amago Tsunehisa a famous lord who unified the San-in area. It has since become the resting place of the Amago clan. Access: Take the yellow bus bound for Hirose from Yasugi Station. Get off at Yasugi City Hospital and it is around a five minute walk.

Joan-ji Temple

Joanji Temple was founded in 1312. The architecture, carvings on the entrance gate and and the garden are particularly beautiful. (If you would like to see the garden, ring the bell at the entrance. ) The main entrance is usually closed, so visitors should use the entrance to the left of the gate. Access: Take [...]

Toda Hachimanguu
Toda Hachimangu Shrine

Toda Hachumangu Shrine is located in Hirose in Yasugi. A 200 metre long path of moss-covered stone steps leads you up through the woods to the shrine. As this area was the sight of battles, the long gate at the entrance of the shrine was built to protect the shrine and keep out the enemy [...]

Iwakuraji Temple

Iwakuraji-Temple in Yasugi was established in 726AD and is a designated Important Cultural Asset of Japan. It was originally located upstream of the Toda River, but was moved to its present location in 1187 and made the official temple of Toda Castle. The main hall contains a statue of the Kannon deity and original paintings [...]

Kiyomizu Temple
Kiyomizu Temple

Kiyomizu Temple was founded in 587AD. The main deity is the 11-headed Kannon, who many people believe has the power to drive out evil spirits. As such, people who are said to be in their unlucky year come and pray here. The main symbol of the temple is the three-storey pagoda, the only one in [...]